Daily Archives: September 14, 2017

There can never be enough cautioning against the well-known danger of drinking and driving. Anyone with a driver’s license is perfectly aware of the unnecessary risks to one self and others posed by getting behind the wheel after you’ve had a few.

Still, statistics show that Nassau is infamously the second-highest rating county in New York when it comes to deadly drunk-driving crashes, with Suffolk being the first.

While a lot of wrongfully accused drivers are being helped out by the many DUI attorneys in Nassau, it’s also true that the imperfect legal system can serve to successfully pardon those who should in truth be declared guilty.

A plea for safe driving

It’s understood that no DUI attorney in Nassau County or elsewhere will turn you down if you require their assistance – but it will surely be costly. It’s easy preventing both risk and expenditure with just a little bit of self-control and common-sense planning.

There are a few designated driver services operating in Long Island, which will take you home from the party safely, in your own car, at any hour.

There is the obvious option of choosing a taxi, public transportation or any other sort of ride if you know you’re going to have a drink or two.

Also, if you have known you change your plans when you drink, which is of course perfectly normal, you are being advised to leave your car keys beforehand to someone you trust.