Divorce or being separated with the partner with whom you have vowed to stay together for entire life becomes more painful when your partner denies giving the alimony that you must have. Most of the cases get solved by settlement but many require the legal help so that law can provide them with the justice and they actually get what they deserve in Windsor. If you are also facing too many troubles in order to get what is rightfully yours then you must contact divorce solicitors in Windsor. The experts will not only help you in the settlement between you and your partner but they will also make sure that you do not have to waste your time in court trials if required.

Approach them for various issues

These solicitors will help you in all the issues that are related to the separation of you both such as child custody and property distribution. Child custody becomes the major concern in divorce as the court is only there to decide that which partner is mentally and financially strong enough to take care of the child. In this situation, you have to provide all the proofs and facts to the court that can make you more eligible for having the child custody. There are many formalities that are required to get fulfilled during the process of separation. But you do not have to worry about any such issue as these divorce solicitors will help you by managing all the formalities and you do not have to waste your time in completing those formalities.

Selling the property in Richmond can be a great hassle for you if you are a first time seller. In order to make the selling process smooth, take the services of a solicitor or conveyancer to conduct the property selling process. Conveyancers are accredited by the government to handle all the legal processes involved in selling the property. They are the professionals who make the property selling process smooth and less stressful. They are also responsible for handling all the processes involved in the property selling in a legal manner. Richmond solicitors provide the high class help in selling your property with more ease.

Responsibilities of conveyancer

Talking about the responsibilities shouldered by the conveyancer, here are some of the duties which they perform:

  • Organizing everything which ensures the legitimate sale of your property.
  • Helps in completing all the documents to carry out the sale process.
  • Check the contract clauses in order to ensure that their client is not being fooled by the other party.
  • Ensures that the property which you are selling meets the legal compliance to enable you to fetch the higher price.
  • Coordinate with the real estate agent and the lawyer of the buyer.
  • Safe and hassle free transfer of your property.

Overall, it can be said that their responsibility is not restricted to only the pre-sale processes but they are responsible for the post sale needs also. Thus, they ensure safe transfer of the property. Reliable and trusted conveyancer provides various suggestions which help the clients to satisfy their needs during the sale of property.


There is a lot of confusion when it comes to distinguishing mediation from arbitration. Many people are of the perception that it is one and the same.

Why Go in For Mediation

If you are in a legal dispute, then the first thing you would do is contact a lawyer. They may go through your case and ask for fees to fight your case. Well, in the case of a mediation service, this is not the case. Mediation is an alternate route to settle disputes. If you hate frequent visits to the court, then this is a good option for you.

When you opt for a mediation service, ensure that you add this point into your contract. When you draft the mediation agreement, ensure that you mention the scope of the issue, mediator fees, how the issue will get resolved and the decision they have agreed upon.

Mediation generally takes place between three people; you, your opposition and the mediator. This again can vary from one case to another. If you have counsel accompanying you on the case, you can involve them in the proceedings too.

Different Types of Mediation Styles

Mediation comes in four different styles namely:

  • Transformative Mediation - This focuses mainly on repairing relationships rather than coming to a mutual agreement
  • Directive Mediation - This involves specialized mediations who gather facts and evidence and then shares opinions
  • Evaluative Mediation - Focuses on evaluating the weak links in the case and then coming up with options on the same
  • Facilitative Mediation - This focuses on facilitating a negotiation between parties to reach a common ground


Many people tend to be skeptical while opting for mediation. This is a time saving and ensures confidentiality of both parties involved.

This article was provided by Pam Hatfield