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Anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse and violence. It does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, ethnicity or economic status, though most of the victims are women.

Some victims do not realise they are in an abusive relationship until it is too late. An abuser could resort to threats, name calling, accusations, stalking, possessiveness and pressurising the victim. An abuser has only one thing in mind: control; and s/he can do that physically or psychologically. Psychological and emotional abuse are as traumatic as physical violence, and the scars of abuse remain for a lifetime.

The first step to combat an abusive relationship is to spot the signs. Opening up to a person you can trust be it a friend, a colleague, your doctor or at your community centre will ensure you get help. The victims of an abusive relationship are depressed, scared, and ashamed. They need support and help to get out of it.